About Us

Automotive Textile  & Laminating-Bonding Technologies Kota is Founded in 2005 to Produce Automotive Textile, Fabrics For All types of Vehicle Seats (For buses, minibuses,marine and railway industry etc.) Together With Different Applications Of The Laminating Technologies.

Main Business Is To Produce Automotive Textile For most of the OEM companies and their seat suppliers. Besides Automotive Textile, Offering Creative Solutions About Technical Textile Production And Laminating Applications For Medical Industry, Cinema and Conference Saloons..



Automotive textile production in 6000 m2 covered area, with capacity of

2,000,000 m2 flat woven fabrics /year,

600,000 m2 soft touch velour knit fabrics/year,

500,000 m2 warp knit velour fabrics/year

750,000 m2 flat knit fabrics/year,

6,500,000 m2 foam laminating capacity/year

Technical Performance Of Our Fabrics:

Our products are prepared according to the automotive standards, all to fullfill flammability ECE.R 112 REGULATION, Resistance to surface abrasion Martindale ,colour & light fastness,tear and sewing stregth etc.

The Flat Woven Jackard Fabrics: %100 Polyester, usually 3mm laminated automotive fabrics. Fullfilling flammability ECE.R.118-2, Color and light fastness >4 (GREY SCALE);>6 (BLUE SCALE)ISO 105 B06,MARTINDALE ABRASION RESISTANCE OVER 50,000 and OVER 100,000 CYCLES.

Soft  Touch  Velour  Jackard  Fabrıcs: %100  Polyester ,usually 3mm laminated  automotive  fabrics.Fullfilling  Flammability  ECE.R.118-2 ,Color and  light fastness  >4  (GREY SCALE) ; >6 (BLUE SCALE) ISO 105 B06,  MARTINDALE  ABRASION RESİSTANCE  (>=100,000 )



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